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Bingo: Diagonal

This is a fill for my Dec 12 2013 card. I’ve been using the card as a prompt call.

Diagonal Prompts left top to bottom right – Taking a Chance, Bribery, (FREE SPACE), Then and Now, Knowledge

Title: Taking Chances
Series: Space Accountant
Prompt: Taking a Chance
Rating: G

Title: Bribery
Series: Addergoole
Prompt: Bribery
Rating: PG-13

Title: Older Witches
Series: Aunt Family
Rating: PG-13

Title: Then and Now
Series: Aunt Family
Prompt: Then and Now
Rating: G

Title: Hands-on Knowledge
Series: Dragons Next Door
Prompt: Knowledge
Rating: G

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Advance Notice: February Giraffe Call

This is an Advance Notice. The Call for Prompts will take place next Friday. <3

For February, I am going to do a more standard Giraffe Call on a subject I need practice with.

February’s Giraffe Call will remain open from bedtime Friday, February 7th until bedtime (approx 10 p.m. EST) Monday, February 10th. It will remain open one day longer (and open to advance prompts) for donors.

The prompt theme is villains, antagonists, and bad guys.

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Through the Glass

To [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith‘s prompt to My January Giraffe Card. New setting, new characters.

This fills the “innocent” square.

Content warning: this is depressing and it even creeped me out.

The city was surrounded. For three weeks, nobody – nothing – had gotten in or out.

Except radio signals. They had actually tested those, but there didn’t seem to be any carryover of the contamination into radio, and so radio signals were allowed to escape.

Escape. Colonel Techwin looked down at her notes and shook her head, again. She had started to think of everything in, out, and from that city as sentient, the radio signals escaping, the air and the direct sound waves trapped.

It had taken them some doing, but they had sealed up the city entirely – a dome, which had seemed funny at first, something out of a cartoon, something out of a parody. “We’re going to stick a dome on it and trap the contamination inside.”

The problem was, there was more than contamination in there.

Colonel Techwin levered herself out of her seat, hobbled out of her tent, and made herself walk to the edge of the dome. She did so every day; she had done so for five weeks now.

“How long do they have?”

Her aide-de-camp was not far behind her; Petlun was almost always behind her. “Estimates say between seven and ten days longer, ma’am.”

“How much longer will the dome hold?”

“Estimates say between eight and nine more days, ma’am.”

She didn’t need to ask the rest. Before they had installed the dome, the contamination rate had been tracked. By sound, one being every hour. By breath, ever half-hour. When you got into direct contact, it got worse.

She put a hand on the dome. That, they had determined, was probably safe. “Have we discovered…” An antidote? A cure? A vaccine?

“No, ma’am. They say they’re close… Also, ma’am, approximately ten percent of the city is still un-contaminated.”

Techwin ran her hand down the glass. “And yet, if we release them to study them…”

Within days, the human race would all be contaminated. Every one of them. Within a month, most would be dead, according to current estimates.

On the other side of the glass, a child, white-eyed and bloody-mouthed, ran her hand down the dome, mimicking Colonel Techwin. The Colonel sighed.

“Tell the scientists they have seven days. At the end of the seventh day…”

Petlun nodded. “Yes, ma’am.” Neither of them looked at the child. They were both staring at the mother, clear-eyed and weeping, mouthing soundless pleas through the glass.

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The Planners: Character List

With thanks to [personal profile] moonwolf

The Planners (and on LJ)
Charlie Estes
Ward Hudson
Vince Howe
Jannie Howe
Ida (Hudson)
Diana (Estes)
Mrs Taylor
Theresa/Tess (Down, Down, Down; Inside the Walls);
Grandmother Ellen
Sonia; The Cathedral; Forbidden)
Bauer (Keys)
Thomas (Forbidden)
Cassius (Cash)
The Anthropologist (Wedding)
Lore Speaker (Wedding)

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A handful of Kai-Rozen Fic

So a while ago I posted a meme, and I am slowly working my way through answering.

Kai/Rozen: Fake dating, Bodyswap, Sexpollen here

Kai/Rozen: Dark!Fic, Secret Kink, Their first Kiss here. content warning: the dark fic is dark, implied rape or torture preparation

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For All Time, a parable of the Aunt Family for the Random Bingo Card

To [personal profile] meridian_rose‘s prompt to my other bingo call.

Content warning: paradox?

They told the tale, sometimes, when they were all in their cups.

How an ancestor had come across a genie’s bottle, wished for power, and gotten the Sight, the Skill, and the Spark – power more than she could use.

How she’d wished this power on her family line for eternity, so that all her daughter’s daughters could see, touch and, most importantly, share what she couldn’t handle.

How, overwhelmed one night by the noise and clamor of four generations of witches, the distraction of so much family, she’d wished she’d never married nor borne children.

“And here we are.”

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Edally Academy: Getting Ready (Tairiekie)

“Do you have everything packed?” Tairiekie’s mother dropped a handful of dresses on top of Tairiekie’s luggage. “I thought you might want something for a formal event; they had a few of those when I was in school.”

“Thank you.” She folded the dresses carefully into her luggage. It was already almost full to the seams, but one more dress probably wouldn’t throw it over the limit, even one as heavy and ornate as this one.

What sort of formals did this school even have?

“And you have all your tools? I brought a spare wrench…”

“Thank you.”

“And your books?”

“I have everything.” She shoved the satchel closed. “It’s almost time.”

Edally Academy is coming soon!

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