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Romance was never this convenient to handle

To Kelkyag’s prompt for here, my [community profile] dailyprompt prompt “a clone,” and here, my OrigFic Bingo card, “Hallucinations/visions.”

Paige waved at Mark Faine, although he didn’t see her, or at least didn’t respond – he never did, but being Mark Faine, he already had a girlfriend and hadn’t, as far as Paige could tell, been single for more than a day of their high school career. Which was a pity, ’cause Paige had more than made up for it by being single for their entire high school career, except that one day with Eilan Saffron, and boy had that been a mistake. It would be nice if there were two or three or maybe four Mark Faines. Maybe then she’d have a chance.

She should really get to lunch. She got a little Snickers-commercial when she didn’t eat on time, and this stupid Senior-year schedule had her lunch nearly right before she got on the bus. She headed away from where Mark Faine was totes ignoring her, around the corner, stepped away from the punks and sidled sideways around the jocks – no need to upset anyone, everyone had been on edge since the principal quit like that, all of a sudden. The new rules weren’t helping things either, and the punks all looked sad and funny without their metal.

She rounded another corner – Marmal High was full of corners, and somehow it seemed like there were more around lunch time – and ran into Mark Faine.

She was feeling fainter than she ought to be. This was just one of the demetaled punks, it had to be, Sid and Nancy T-shirt and an extra hole in the nose. She stepped away. “Sorry, didn’t mean to…”

“Hey, no worries.” The voice was Mark Faine’s. Paige knew that voice like she knew the latest Enhydra Lutris CD.

“Hey.” That was Mark Faine’s voice again, coming from the other side of her. She was hearing things. She was seeing things. Paige leaned against the wall and tried not to act totally disjoined from reality.

Standing in front of her, however, were three Mark Faines. She had to be losing it.

“Hey, you’re kinda cute.”

Nope, she was totes gone; she’d already lost all there was to lose.

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Victimization, a story of Dragons Next Door for the Giraffe Bingo Call

To [personal profile] kelkyag‘s prompt to my orig-fic card. This fills the “Cunning Plan” slot.

Juniper, Kelkathian, and Azdekious are part of my Dragons Next Door setting; its landing page is here.

This story is directly after Team D.

“What’s the big deal? She’s a rich kid.”

Kelkathian stood on kel’s toes and shot Azdekious a glance. The driver still wasn’t getting it. This could be a problem. They had an unconscious kid they’d contracted to protect, an immensely important unconscious kid, a panicking backup guy, and a dumb driver.

The situation could be a lot worse, of course; any of them in the front could know what they were doing.

“The big deal.” The backup guy coughed. “The big deal? The big deal?

“Stop saying that!”

“The big deal is that this is a kid from Smokey Knoll!”

“It’s a human kid from Smokey Knoll. Only rich humans live up on that hill.”

Kelkathian counted silently. One, two, three.

Four, five, six, seven. Wow, the passenger really was angry – or stunned. Possibly both.

“There are no humans living on Smokey Knoll.”

And now there was another silent count. Looking at Azdekious, he was doing the same thing. One, two, three…

“Say that again?” The driver’s voice had changed.

“There are no humans living on Smokey Knoll.” So had the passenger’s voice. They were both using very careful, measured tones.

And now, now it was time to make sure the driver understood. Kelkathian reached out with kel’s othersense, grabbed the electricity, and shorted out several fuses. The car went dead.

“There aren’t… but… the heck?” The driver turned the key a few times. Nothing happened, of course… and then the glue holding the cloth to the roof failed over the driver’s side.

The seat brackets failed. Something in the radio began to pop and hiss. A spring in the seat popped out and jabbed the driver in the posterior. Kelkathian had to stifle a giggle.

The passenger got out of the van. Fleeing? No, the back door opened.

The passenger, a slim man in his late twenties, was holding both of his hands in the air. “I am going to take the girl out of the van. I am going to carry her to this bus stop. I am going to call her parents and wait there, protecting her, until someone arrives to pick her up who can prove parentage.”

“The heck are you doing?” The driver was trying to extricate himself from his seat, but not having much luck.

The man appeared to be looking at Junie, who was still laying motionless. “I do not wish to be the victim of this child’s allies’ rage. I am going to do everything I can to get her back to her parents before I am.”

Kelkathian studied the man. She didn’t generally have much use for humans, but this one was showing promise.

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Speaking Of Projects…

(as I did here)…

Yesterday, I started and completed (honesty compels me to add: although I will do a few touch-ups today Thursday) a project, which is a little bit of a Big Deal for me (T. pointed out: and I did so within a week of buying the material. Within 4 days, actually!).

Our house is not exactly insulated. I created and hung a curtain on the back door (to be fair, T. had already hung the rod this time) to go along with the one I made last year for the front door (here). All in one evening!

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Preliminary Project List

I am trying The January Cure; the first step (which I’m late in getting to) is to make a project list

These are NOT the main house-projects (things like “insulate the attic” and “raise the ceiling by 1 foot and a half” and “drop the floor in the card room to be level.” These are one-weekend or less projects I can do, mostly in the cold.

Card Room
Cloth-covered panels for wall
Art on back wall
Carpet on floor
inbox/tidying solution

Living room
Organization system for the fire pile
fire extinguisher bracket/hang system

Dining Room
Organize/put away bags
Tidy/put away things on standing desk.

under-clothes storage?
Hang mirror

Shelving unit
Cloth panel to cover horrible
New medicine cabinet/light bar
Some sort of system for cat/medicine cabinet

New home for chest
Consistent organized storage for tools.
New home for Stand Mixer
Carpet for walkway
Plants made prettified
fire extinguisher bracket/hang system

Overhead bin framed in
Hooks hung
Door molding installed
Baseboard molding installed
Door possibly installed

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