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Icon Day! Who do I want to have an icon of?

[personal profile] itsamellama is hosting another Free Icon Day!

She’s done a few icons for me:

and one of Eluned that I don’t have uploaded yet. (need to get to that)

First: go request an icon, tip if you can.

Second: Who should I get an icon of next?

I’m working on:

* re-write of Addergoole
* Soon to be posting Edally Academy
* Slightly-less-soon to be posted Inner Circle

also, the Bingo, etc.

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Fallen out of the Habit – first and last words of yesterday

For my Pirate Nano:
Kai struggled to find something polite to say, anything, so she could politely leave. “Congratulations.” That was what you were supposed to say, right?


“Well, if you don’t look, you won’t know what everyone else is looking at.”

I wrote 1,341 words yesterday on Addergoole re-writes (goal: 1250/days), bringing my total so far to 15,200 (goal: 14,890).

It’s a lot harder to stay on track in not-November, partially because in November I don’t mind giving up everything else for Nano, and partially because of the support system one has in Nov. And the write-ins. I could use a write-in. But I’m still on-goal: 310 words over on Addergoole yesterday, and 208 words over on my “write 600 words of other writing/day” goal.

Just because I’m all about the goals: I was also 6535 words OVER my “write more words than I did in January 2013” goal, but since that’s only 1600-something words/day, it would be hard to beat my pinowrimo goal and not make the other one 😉

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