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Unforgivable, a story for the OrigFic Bingo

To [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith‘s prompt to my January OrigFic Card.

This fills the “Betrayal” square.

Content warning: suggested self-harm, vague.

“You weren’t supposed to know at all.”

“I’m glad I did! Tory, this isn’t the sort of thing you should keep to yourself. You’ll be better now.”

“Ty, you can’t just read people’s private things. That was password-protected for a reason.”

“Well, it wasn’t like it was hard…” Ty was faltering. The staff had said five minutes. Maybe five minutes was too long.

“You hacked my computer. You read my private things.” Tory was looking around the room. The window, no, no there was no way anyone could get out the window. Ty backed towards the door. There’d be no end of it if Tory got out.

“Tory, look at it! Look at you! I did this for your own good! Come on, you have to understand that.”

Sitting in a hospital bed, in a thin gown, Tory didn’t look understanding. If anything, Ty would have to call that expression “furious.” “Come on, Tory. You understand. I did this for your own good.”

“You violated me.”

“I read your computer.”

“And I ended up here.” Tory stood up. “No. I don’t understand, Ty. No, it’s not okay.”

The window was too small for anyone to fit out of. Wasn’t it?

“Tory… Tory, I was helping you.”

“That wasn’t the help I wanted. You can go off and help someone else. Or better yet… don’t help anyone at all.”

The window wasn’t too small for Tory.

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Then and Now – a story of that Damned Cat and his kitten for the OrigFic Bingo

This is to [personal profile] anke‘s prompt (on twitter) to my December OrigFic Bingo Card. This fills (for the second time) the “Then and Now” square.

That Damned Cat (Radar) and his Kitten have their own tag here – Kitten Tag. They are part of the Aunt Family setting, which has a landing page here.

Radar had been a kitten once.

It was a distant memory, a fuzzy memory he didn’t often examine.

He had not been, as this kitten was now, a sentient kitten. He had not been a sentient anything back then.

He sat grooming the kit, holding her down with one paw while he cleaned her behind the ear. You know what it was like, Beryl had said. You can help her. Under that assumption, she’d convinced the mother cat to let Radar close to his daughter. Joint custody, she’d joked.

She must have gotten the idea from her friends at school. Her Family did not do divorce, and when they did, the family kept the children, no questions asked.

“Da-a-a-a-aad.” His Kitten mewled in complaint at him. Beryl had taken to calling the kitten Lam, for no reason that she would explain. There had been worse names. He had had worse names. “You’re thinking again.”

“This is a thing that happens with us, child. You will learn that in time.”

She rolled onto her back. “You were thinking about being a kitten.”

There was no use in denying it. “Who made you, kit?”

“I was born like this. I don’t remember any time I wasn’t like this.” She nuzzles against his chest. “Do you?”

“Then…” Radar chirruped and circled his daughter until he found a comfortable spot. “Then I was a cat. A kitten, a little pile of fluff, like your siblings. Now, now I am…”

“A Damned Cat. I’ve read the book.”

“That book was destroyed fifty years ago.”

The damn kitten purred. “That was then, Dad. This is now.”

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