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The First Step

To kelkyag‘s prompt to this [community profile] dailyprompt prompt.

“Come on, already.” Fionnlagh shed boots and socks, cuffed pants, and waded in to the swamp. “You said you wanted to see.”

Eoghan lingered on the path. “I wanted to see. I didn’t say I wanted to go into White Swamp.”

“There’s no other way to see it. And it’s not like you can go alone.” Fionnlagh was moving fast, despite water that was knee-deep in places and ankle-eating mud in others. Soon, the swamp would obscure vision between the two entirely.

“Fionnlagh! Come onnnn.”

“You can’t see the House of the Mist from the path. You can’t see anything worth seeing from the land path. Now come on. Take off your boots and wade in, or don’t bother. It’s no use if you don’t get your feet wet, and sodden boots are exhausting.”

“Off? My boots? What if…”

“Nobody will steal boots from the edge of the White Swamp. You know that.”

Eoghan swallowed. A quick glance along the edge of the path showed that to be true… although the moss had grown up around the oldest pairs, there were boots there, just barely still on the solid land, waiting for owners who had never returned.

And, sitting within boot-lace reach of a pair so old they had hobnails – and a tree growing out of the left boot – were Fionnlagh’s, almost-new, fair-bought this summer and the shiny not worn off yet.

“Are you coming? Or will you spend your whole life in the safe and the dry, never seeing aught at all?”

One, two, Eoghan’s boots joined the others, generations of others, on the short. “‘Twill be the death of us both.”

“It may be, and it may not be. But I’d rather this death than a dry life, wouldn’t you?”

“I’m coming, aren’t I?” The water was surprisingly warm on Eoghan’s bare feet, and surprisingly deep.

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Well, that wasn’t too bad: Weight Loss Week Two

It wasn’t a good week, not really. I spent the whole week angry at myself for having gotten back up to this weight, wearing elastic-waist things that actually /fit/ and feeling silly and crappy about the whole thing.

I also spent it, however:
* tracking my food more carefully (Not on the days off, still working on that)
* going to the gym three times (M, W, F)
* trying to generally be more active.
* Trying to think positively about weight loss.

Today’s weigh-in: 174.8 lbs. Down 1.8 lbs, which is better than feared.

(hormones: I’m either still bloated, more bloated, or bloated again: my boobs hurt like hell and my period is due in ~2-3 days)

I tried three tracking methods this week:
Weight watchers, via excel formula ++ asking Rion for points on dinners.

Obviously, three tracking methods is not sustainable, but I’m still torn between Lose It! And Myfitnesspal. I might try a third method (people have suggested a few)in lieu of one for a week or two.

24.8 lbs to go, 25 weeks to go. Yay!

Perpetual Note: Please do not suggest or tell me 1) I don’t want to get down to xx weight, 2) xx is not a healthy weight, 3) anything else suggesting I don’t know what weight I might want to get to/look good having reached.

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