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Well, no Wonder My Jeans Don’t Fit Right: the beginning of a weight-loss blog

Okay, so, my original goal (when I thought the scale was going to say 166 or so when I stepped on it) was to get to 140 by my father’s birthday, July 15.

My current goal is to get to 150 by July 15 and to 140 by October 1st. (Data point: I’m a broad-shouldered five foot eight woman.)

So, I’d been noticing for the last week that my jeans were uncomfortably tight, and finally stepped on the scale – 176.6 lbs. Um. That’s a bit higher than I’d been expecting. That’s a bit higher than it was last year at this time. 🙁

I’m not going to panic, however. I am NOT going to panic.

What I am going to do is try to go at this like I did when I had over 50 lbs to lose.

I’m going to track everything. Everything. I know I’ve been mindlessly snacking on pretzels at work, and I’m going to count them now.

Exercise: I joined the gym again last week. 2x a week in the gym, 3x if I can wrangle the time, and something physical at total of at least 6x a week.

I am not going to panic.

I’m still pondering /what/ weight-loss/food tracking system to use. Using Weight Watchers worked for me; using Weight Watchers new-system with someone else figuring the points didn’t work nearly as well. So do I go back to old system? Do I buy a membership? Do I try something free?

Food tracking is only half of it; I’ve discovered that I need concrete numbers and limits. And, of course, I need to remember to stay active.

Here we go. 26(ish) weeks, 26(.6) lbs. Let’s go.

Note: Please do not suggest or tell me 1) I don’t want to get down to xx weight, 2) xx is not a healthy weight, 3) anything else suggesting I don’t know what weight I might want to get to/look good having reached.

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