Alibi, a story of Science!

To [personal profile] rix_scaedu‘s prompt to my daily bonus from [community profile] dailyprompt.

There weren’t any witnesses, which helped matters, just three fuzzy surveillance vids and circumstantial evidence: Dr. Potter had motive; he’d been seen walking into the building, and he’d called the cops when it was all over and been first on the scene, hands covered in blood as he tried to hold Dr. Ahluwalia’s life into her body.

Dr. Ahluwalia’s last words had been not particularly helpful, either. “You bastard. I know…”

Of course, Dr. Potter and Dr. Ahluwalia were both employed by Those Madmen in the Tower, so there was no knowing what the late Doctor had known. And, while the police swore that they’d seen Dr. Potter for a moment as they arrived – long enough to hear those words – 1700 of the world’s best and brightest scientists were willing to testify in court that he’d been in another city at the New Ideas and Orthodoxies (NIO) Conference, giving a speech on ends vs. means. Dr. Ahluwalia had intended on attending, but backed out at the last minute, which the police felt sounded suspicious.

Even more suspicious, however, was the topic of Dr. Potter’s speech: On the ethics of cloning and the uses thereof; What to Do With Yourself.

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