Preliminary Project List

I am trying The January Cure; the first step (which I’m late in getting to) is to make a project list

These are NOT the main house-projects (things like “insulate the attic” and “raise the ceiling by 1 foot and a half” and “drop the floor in the card room to be level.” These are one-weekend or less projects I can do, mostly in the cold.

Card Room
Cloth-covered panels for wall
Art on back wall
Carpet on floor
inbox/tidying solution

Living room
Organization system for the fire pile
fire extinguisher bracket/hang system

Dining Room
Organize/put away bags
Tidy/put away things on standing desk.

under-clothes storage?
Hang mirror

Shelving unit
Cloth panel to cover horrible
New medicine cabinet/light bar
Some sort of system for cat/medicine cabinet

New home for chest
Consistent organized storage for tools.
New home for Stand Mixer
Carpet for walkway
Plants made prettified
fire extinguisher bracket/hang system

Overhead bin framed in
Hooks hung
Door molding installed
Baseboard molding installed
Door possibly installed

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