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To [personal profile] rix_scaedu‘s prompt for here, my [community profile] dailyprompt prompt “doomed from the start.

Luke and Doug are characters from Addergoole, which in addition to the two webserials, has a landing page here.

Context for those not familiar with the universe: “Addergoole” is an underground boarding school for fae children in a dystopic modern-fantasy setting.

This is set in about year Nineteen of the Addergoole school; the war began at the end of Year Seventeen (2011) when the Departed Gods returned. There is a war on, a war that gives the overarching setting the name “Fae Apoc.”

Luke is the head of security (and PE teacher) for the school; Doug is his son, co-security, and combat teacher.

“Don’t they know there’s a war on?”

Doug’s father was irritable.

Doug’s father was always, as long as Doug could remember, irritable – angry, cranky, grumpy. Only one person in the world had succesfully noticed that the reason Doug seemed so grumpy all the time was at least fifty percent a flat imitation of his father (two people, but really, his mother didn’t count).

This was different. It had begun around year sixteen, and had just gotten worse over the last three years. Too many former cy’Luke had died in the war. Too many old friends of both of theirs, too, and too many students all around.

And now there was a team of nedetakai or returned gods attempting to slip through the eastern wards. They were slick, sure, but they were still trying to sneak around some of the best wards in the world – for no reason, as far as their intel could determine, except that the ward was there, and shiny.

Luke had his swords out, steel and rowan. He had his wings unfurled, and an expression on his face that Doug had rarely seen. He took to the air with a wordless snarl.

Doug took to the road by Harley. The look on his father’s face… he almost felt bad for the intruders.

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  1. If they can slip inside the wards and take over, then they would have some of the best wards in the world. Doug to the rescue? And if so, who is he rescuing?

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