Bonus Round: Daily Prompt

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Today’s prompt is “getting your feet wet”.

Now accepting up to three prompts for this theme. Closed!

Bonus points if they dovetail with a square of my OrigFic bingo card

Take the first Step, or don’t.
Even your Knees are wet
Getting everything wet

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0 thoughts on “Bonus Round: Daily Prompt

  1. Take off your boots and wade in, or don’t bother. It’s no use if you don’t get your feet wet, and sodden boots are exhausting.

  2. Seeing the ocean for the first time. (Possibly ‘Love at First Sight’ and possibly ‘Innocent’, from your Bingo Card.) Doesn’t want to take a bath. (‘Youth’ from your Bingo Card?)

  3. Going with the idiom instead of taking it literally: Nervousness about first sexual experience, at any level you choose: First kiss, first f…,* first kink… * Pondering how to put that one, I thought of LeGuin’s Kesh people, in _Always Coming Home_. In their idiom it’s opposite: after puberty, a person is “living on the shore” until they “come inland”.

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