Homesteading: Next Project Up

The next project is a small one.

(After I: tidy the sewing job on the door curtain; sand the raw edge on the bedroom hooks)

Okay, two small ones, one much smaller than the other. First: Hang the mirror in the bedroom.

Second: The walls in the bathroom are ugly, and will be until we raise the ceiling. Also, I have a wire shelving unit for over the toilet just waiting to be installed.

I have bought the materials, and now I want to stretch a panel of fabric over a wooden frame (the fabric is a brown swirl on a buff-colored polyester suede) and hang it over the worst wall (the one I pulled the paneling off so we could see how bad it was), then install the wire shelving in front of it.

THEN I’m going to make a little 8″ cube fabric basket with the scraps.

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      • Fixing extant projects: 1/2 hour each, another 10 minutes for clean up in each case. Hang the mirror in the bedroom: 15 minutes shopping at Agway for hanging tape, 10 minutes futzing and hanging. panel: measure, cut, re-measure, check, and screw together (+ find screws): 1 hour. Find stapler: 1/2 hour (at some point a tool organization system should be on the list…) Staple fabri… add plug-in hole to fabric, 20 minutes Staple fabric to frame, 1/2 hour 2 hours 20 minutes. wire shelving – 10 minutes ++ figuring out what to do with the plastic drawer unit Ri currently has living where shelf legs will go – 1 hour.

  1. I am curious about the fabric basket! Is it going to be soft-sided, or is the fabric stiff enough to give it structure, or will it have some sort of frame …?

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