First and Last Words: Yesterday

The First Words of Yesterday (on Addergoole: Book One):

A glance back at Emrys told her he was impatient. Worried she’d change her mind?

Last Words of Yesteday:

“Very enjoyable indeed.”

I wrote 1,242 words of Addergoole: Book One yesterday, bringing me to 23,754 words all told (4 words over goal)

I wrote 692 words of Other yesterday (The Addergoole story Matchmaker, Matchmaker), bringing my Other total to 11,362 (38 words under goal).

This is, in theory, the last day of my PiNoWriMo goal; I should reach 25,000 words today.

I have still to write on Addergoole – 2 descriptions, 3 bonus stories, 4 questions answered, and a partridge in a pear tree. ♪♪♫

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