Bingo: Diagonal

This is a fill for my Dec 12 2013 card. I’ve been using the card as a prompt call.

Diagonal Prompts left top to bottom right – Taking a Chance, Bribery, (FREE SPACE), Then and Now, Knowledge

Title: Taking Chances
Series: Space Accountant
Prompt: Taking a Chance
Rating: G

Title: Bribery
Series: Addergoole
Prompt: Bribery
Rating: PG-13

Title: Older Witches
Series: Aunt Family
Rating: PG-13

Title: Then and Now
Series: Aunt Family
Prompt: Then and Now
Rating: G

Title: Hands-on Knowledge
Series: Dragons Next Door
Prompt: Knowledge
Rating: G

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  1. Reading the mobile LJ site on my Android, I tapped on the link for “Taking Chances” and got this 404 message: It’s dangerous to browse alone! Take this. We can’t find that page. If you entered the URL directly or pasted it into your browser’s address bar, make sure you didn’t typo, paste too little, or paste too much. If you followed a link, you may want to report this to the maintainer of the page that linked you here. If you believe this URL is correct, please check our offsite status page to see if we’re aware of the problem. If we haven’t updated it, check to see if it’s just a problem for you. If it isn’t, don’t worry — we’ll fix it as soon as we can!

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