Edally Academy: Getting Ready (Tairiekie)

“Do you have everything packed?” Tairiekie’s mother dropped a handful of dresses on top of Tairiekie’s luggage. “I thought you might want something for a formal event; they had a few of those when I was in school.”

“Thank you.” She folded the dresses carefully into her luggage. It was already almost full to the seams, but one more dress probably wouldn’t throw it over the limit, even one as heavy and ornate as this one.

What sort of formals did this school even have?

“And you have all your tools? I brought a spare wrench…”

“Thank you.”

“And your books?”

“I have everything.” She shoved the satchel closed. “It’s almost time.”

Edally Academy is coming soon!

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  1. “Tairi^kie’s mother dropped a handful of dresses on top of Tairiekie’s” Insert “I”. Can you add your characters’ names to a spellchecker? I don’t use them, as you probably understand, but they can be helpful if used mindfully rather than blindly.

    • I can, I just have to add them to at least 4 different spellcheckers. It doesn’t help that the names went through variations in creation.

  2. Ack, I need to toss you an email as a result of the auction. December/January is crazy around there (holidays plus three birthdays) and I took sick. I shall be writing tomorrow.

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