What I’ve Been Up to, A Summary

Last Summary

My me-stuff:
Weight Loss – Week Two
Friday Show and Tell
Bamboo Flooring, Links and Thoughts

February is Coming (your attention requested):
February Long-Fic (Beta-Locked)
Giraffe Call Upcoming: Advance Notice Here
February World Building Month

And there’s Bingo
Trope Bingo Card ([community profile] trope_bingo)
Random Bingo Card
OrigFic January ([profile] origifc_bingo)

And some Stories:
Dream, a story of Vas’ World for Trope Bingo
Through the Glass, new world, OrigFic Bingo
A Handful of Kai/Rozen fics
For All Time, a parable of the Aunt Family, Random Bingo Card
Older Witches, a continuation of Aunt Family for the Dec. Bingo Card
Closing Up, a story for the Bonus Round (possibly Fairy Town)
Friends Do, a story of Dragons Next Door for OrigFic Bingo (Jin)
The First Step, a story for the Bonus Round (DailyPrompt) (magic/unknown)
Accident, a 100-word story for the Space Accountant Setting (random bingo)

Edally Academy is coming Soon!
Getting Ready: Tairiekie
Getting Ready: Saydry
New LJ for Edally

I’ve been writing some fan-fic/my-verse xovers…
The Collar Job (Tír na Cali/Leverage)
A href=”http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/645538.html”>Part I (and on LJ)
Part II (and on LJ)
Part III (and on LJ)

Addergoole/Criminal Minds


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