December Meme – Day One

[personal profile] inventrix asked: What have you been watching lately?

Well, we were watching Dr. Who, but then its ridiculously short season came to an end (dun-dun-DUN). I was really enjoying it, right up to the finale, in which I believe the actors did the best with awful dialogue writing.

I watch the news. 😉 ABC World News with David Muir. We also watch the Daily Show, which isn’t news, but is often informative.

And T. & I watch Cutthroat Kitchen rather religiously. It’s a Food Network food competition show, hosted by Alton Brown.

We’re very slowly re-watching Picket Fences and Torchwood on days when we don’t have anything else to watch.

I didn’t marathon anything in November, or watch anything, really, on my own. I might track down something, but all my previous shows are sort of leaving a funny taste in my mouth. Anything to suggest?

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  1. I recall liking Picket Fences and Cutthroat Kitchen has been a surprise hit for me. When I saw the first ads I grumbled that it wasn’t something closer to Good Eats or Eating on Asphalt (which I’d still like to see) and the initial description sounded awful to me. But the actual sabotages that have shown up, my lord they’re diabolical! And according to Alton they don’t merely test the sabotages, they test combined sabotages to make sure someone would have the potential to work through them (although the gated zones on the twins episode was I think not quite thought out enough).

      • The thing is, if it wasn’t a twins vs twins episode I think that zone thing might have worked. But when it was Twin Brothers vs. Other Guy, yeah the other guy was pretty much doomed. I was waiting to see if another sabotage auction came up because the trapped guy still had all his cash and wouldn’t have had any reason not to burn it all to get at least one of the other two guys. Perhaps if it had included something like basketball’s shot clock, “Coordinating your moves will be tricky, but you’d better move because after X minutes you’ll get a penalty.” (like when the guy with the gloves got fined for letting them touch the food)

        • *nods* that’s what I meant about “testers didn’t work together enough.” They didn’t think out the whole Twins thing. Shot clock probably would’ve been a good idea.

  2. I watch this blog and a number of others. Oh, the TV? I moved, I haven’t got it hooked up yet. Sooner or later I will.

  3. While I was away for Thanksgiving the Angel watched Agents of Shield on Netflix. It ties in with all the Marvel movies. I have not seen it but am assured it is right up my alley. We watch a lot of anime, and Epic Rap Battles of History on YouTube.

    • I watched the first season of SHIELD but then couldn’t bring myself to get back into it. Possibly ’cause I watched the first season with Rion, and she’s moved out now. ERB is AWESOME.

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