December Meme Day Six – Fire, Fire Fire, Fire, Fire!

The Meme

[personal profile] kelkyag‘s topic was: Fire.

I like this one! (I’ve liked all of ’em so far). But this one…

Okay, if you believe in Zodiac, Aries is a fire sign. And, whatever the birthday on the LJ/DW/Twitter says, I’m an Aries. (So’s my husband. We get along just fine, and yes, people have asked).

As a kid/teen, I thought that I was an earth sign inundated by water, or perhaps the other way around, and in the end, I think maybe I just like nature.

But fire, at the moment: fascinated by it. I grew up heating with wood, fire, and we heat with wood now, so I don’t have a lot of ~romance~ attached to fire: it involves buying or cutting down wood, hauling it, chopping it, hauling it some more, cussing at it, and then getting it going so you can enjoy it.

But when you’re done, you have this magical thing you can stare at. And that’s just hypnotic. Meditative, even (<.<).

Candles, too. I love candles. I love playing with the wax and the flame, lighting things on fire – I once lit a napkin on fire (mostly on accident) at a restaurant. I like the light. I like the warmth and the way it changes things around it.

I’m not particularly coherent about fire, I suppose. But I like it, a lot. And not just because it’s what’s keeping me warm right now.

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