Cage Match

Content warning: implied possible rape

“If you want to fight so much,” Lady Glenora had clearly used up the last of her patience, “then by The Lady, you are going to fight.”

Tobias was uncertain of exactly what had happened next. It had involved at least three burly guards, four painful injections, five-point restraints, and possibly a partridge in a pear tree.

He was absolutely certain where he was now, though. He was naked – again, these Californians and nudity – and he was in a cage, maybe 10 feet on a side, with a guy a foot taller than him and a short girl wearing a terrifying strap-on.

All three of them were collared – he checked, yep, still wearing the damn thing – and slicked in oil.

“The object of the game,” the announcer called, “is not to get penetrated. Begin!”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Tobias began… and quickly thought better of that curse.

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