Mid-January Summary and a Challenge

(In which I post a lot)
The Last Summary

Reiassan (Steam)
End of an Era, for Bonus Round, a story of steam changing things.

New/No Setting:
Sleep When You’ve Lost, fantasy/medievalesque – friendlocked as I may polish for submission, for January OrigFic Bingo
Unforgivable, modern setting, for the January OrigFic Bingo
Time of Testing – Is she a witch? For the January OrigFic Bingo

Aunt Family
Securing One’s Own Legacy, Aunt Zenobia as a child
Then and Now, Radar and his kitten

Space Accountant
Taking Chances Genique takes one

Home Turf Luke and Doug, Year 19, for Bonus Round
Bribery (unknown years and characters), December Card
Unwelcome Guests (Baram’s House Elves)

A Favorite Place Summer and Autumn

Dragons Next Door
Team D Do they know what they’re getting into?
Victimization (after Team D) – They didn’t know what they were getting into
Hands-on-Knowledge, Jin and Audrey speak about Bianna

Romance was Never This Convenient to Handle
Alibi! What if the defendant was both here and there?

Story Sale:
Holy Places, for the January Bingo Card – Sci/fi/future/space

Cards and Prompts – your response requested
Trope Bingo Card
OrigFic Bingo Card January
* First Column Fill
December’s Card – Feel free to prompt any square, even if filled.
* Column “O”
* Column “G”
Daily Prompt “Bonus Round”
Daily Prompt “Bonus Round”
This One’s Just Sitting Here Doot doot

Signal Boost
Allbingo Community opening
Itsamellama’s Icon Day – who do I want an icon of?
Reading Bingo!
Stories Written to my prompts
Lilfluff’s Bingo
Cool Stories written by other people

Woodburning Stoves
Preliminary Project List

And a challenge: pick something from the list of prompts and prompt to a neglected setting. I’ll make the first four of such prompts my priority in bingos etc. next week.

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