First and Last Words: Yesterday’s Pirate Nano Addergoole

First Line of Yesterday (And last line of the night before) –

He offered her a bright smile and hoped that worked.

It seemed to. She smiled back, at least.

Last line of yesterday:

Somewhere in this room, there had to be a predator she could use as a blind.

I wrote 1554 words of Addergoole and 0 words of “Other” yesterday,
bringing my Addergoole total to 21,655 (goal-to-date 21,250)
and my Other total to 10,490 (goal-to-date 10,200). Right on track!

Well, on adjusted track, from when I took this from 20 days to 23 days. Note to self: break days are a good thing.

How’re you all doing?

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