Well, that wasn’t too bad: Weight Loss Week Two

It wasn’t a good week, not really. I spent the whole week angry at myself for having gotten back up to this weight, wearing elastic-waist things that actually /fit/ and feeling silly and crappy about the whole thing.

I also spent it, however:
* tracking my food more carefully (Not on the days off, still working on that)
* going to the gym three times (M, W, F)
* trying to generally be more active.
* Trying to think positively about weight loss.

Today’s weigh-in: 174.8 lbs. Down 1.8 lbs, which is better than feared.

(hormones: I’m either still bloated, more bloated, or bloated again: my boobs hurt like hell and my period is due in ~2-3 days)

I tried three tracking methods this week:
Weight watchers, via excel formula ++ asking Rion for points on dinners.

Obviously, three tracking methods is not sustainable, but I’m still torn between Lose It! And Myfitnesspal. I might try a third method (people have suggested a few)in lieu of one for a week or two.

24.8 lbs to go, 25 weeks to go. Yay!

Perpetual Note: Please do not suggest or tell me 1) I don’t want to get down to xx weight, 2) xx is not a healthy weight, 3) anything else suggesting I don’t know what weight I might want to get to/look good having reached.

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  1. Any reviewer-y thoughts about the tracking methods at this point? (Do you know what you’re looking for, or are you trying things out to see what works?)

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