December Meme – Day Two

The Meme

[personal profile] kelkyag asked: Garden Plans?


Well, at this time of year, I need to get some cardboard and more mulch over the carrots to overwinter them, and come up with something to do with the last of the kale.

Over the winter, I am contemplating a three-bay compost bin. Our current compost bins are about as simple as can be made: a circle of chicken wire (or the plastic version, in one case) held up with three sticks.

What I’m thinking of doing, probably from scrap wood, are three boxes each sharing a side (Something like this:, but less large all around), with the front of each box being fold-down or screw-off, and the three back sides being lined with chicken wire or the like. This gives me two bins to rotate every year, and then a third “slow burn” for things like bones & kitty litter.

As for next year? Only one tomato plant, probably only one pepper. Giving the ground a chance to recover from the tomato blight.

Lots of brassicas! Those did really well this year.

And I’m going to mound the squash next year, and hope that does me better.

That’s enough garden planning for early December in the North, I think. <3

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  1. I did not know one could get bones to compost! (Without throwing heat at the problem, anyway.) Mmmm, kale. Soup? Or are you preserving it for the winter?

  2. Kale can be dried or frozen, if I recall. Some people fry it up to make kale chips. My sister loves bruised kale salad. It involves lots of shredding.

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