December Meme – Day Three

The Meme

[personal profile] aoifes_isle asked: Snow, love it or loathe, and why.

That is actually an immensely complicated question!

Okay, so I grew up in the Snow Belt. Snow is a major feature in my life, anywhere from October through April (average year: November through March). I took Driver’s Ed in the snow. My city twice lost power for a week in March. (Once may have been April). That was ice, though. Snow is a fact of life for me.

That being said: I hate driving in snow, though not as badly as I hate driving in freezing rain, ice, sleet, or hail (or driving rain). I don’t particularly enjoy shovelling snow, and I don’t really like slogging through snow to the garage (Woodshed) or compost bin.

But I love snow days, when the road is impassible and I can sit at home guilt-free. I love the look of the snow, bright and crisp and blanketing everything – snow, like love, covers a multitude of sins. I still like playing in snow, even if I don’t really enjoy shovelling it. I like putting Oli ((one of)my norwegian forest cat mutt(s)) out in the snow and watching him play. And I love winter clothes and a chance for layers on layers on layers.

And, I admit, I love the no-yardwork nature of winter, when one can sit back and, well, write more words.

What about you?


Tomorrow’s topic is still open! Leave me a suggestion?

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  1. Snow doesn’t happen here, well there might be the occasional flurry on a really cold day in winter but it doesn’t sit or even land. And I swear the weeds keep growing through winter. Just different weeds.

    • Yeah, that’s a plus of snow; the weeds all die for a few months. I’l try to get some good pictures of snow this year.

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