Put something on my queue!

24 hours only: ask for something written and I will add it to my queue directly.

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0 thoughts on “Put something on my queue!

  1. Hmm, already left something (even if it wasn’t in the first two) on the Science! post so how about… Ooh! I know! I’ll have to hunt down the post, but the one with the kid who was upset because his parents always took their dog along on their trips but not him — so he hid in the travel kennel only to wake up when someone who was not one of his parents found him hiding in the travel kennel. I think there were two posts for it already, one where he decides to hide and the follow up where the mysterious stranger discovers him instead of what she was expecting but doesn’t seem upset about it just surprised.

  2. A barrette. 😉 Wait, that could be … but that’s not what I had in mind… Sheesh, EVERYTHING I do turns into a pun! Time to fall into bed.

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