December Meme Day Twenty-One: Christmas Plans

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Today’s prompt is from [personal profile] inventrix: Christmas plans!

Man, I was just thinking that I wanted to have enough money to fly all my friends to my place for New Year’s.

(For years, a friend hosted a holiday party on New Year’s Eve –> New Year’s Day where we all drank too much & opened presents. It was awesome. But he moved to CT, got married, & has 18 (4) kids.)

First: Christmas is more of a season than a day for me. In part because of things like the aforementioned New Year’s Eve party, in part because my Troy friends will show up sometime in… oh, maybe February or March to do Christmas, and in part because I’m so bad at this gift-buying/making thing that some of you will be getting presents in the mail well into early January!

That being said, I think I’m (we’re) (T’s plans are up in the air until about the morning of) going to visit my parents Christmas Eve morning, then probably (I should remember to send an e-mail) visiting Capriox at Tim Horton’s, as has become our new Christmas Eve tradition.

Every year I mean to find a church that does a candlelight ceremony on Christmas eve locally, and every year I forget. Maybe next year.

T. and I don’t really do “gift exchange;” so we’ve already given each other our gifts.

Oh! Christmas Day, we’re going to go see Hobbit III. We’ve seen a movie in the theatres almost every Christmas we’ve been together, some better than others. I’m hoping this counts as at least a decent one. 🙂

What about everyone else? What are your holiday plans?

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