Meeting People!

(This icon (in DW) came up in random choice three times out of ten, and it’s the only “Lyn” icon to come up. Soooo.)

I met [personal profile] kelkyag! (and not-certain-of-user-name? <.< sauergeek)

We went hiking!

I learned a bit about geocaching!

It was awesome!


Also, on the way there and home, I contemplated details of Potential Dream home.

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0 thoughts on “Meeting People!

  1. <giggles> . Glad we got to meet you, and that you enjoyed the hike! Thank you for making the haul out to be mad with us. 🙂

  2. Ooh. Did they manage to convince you of the fun? Maybe one day we’ll meet as we happen to traverse the countryside looking for boxes eh?

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