A Finish-It Follow-Up in leading up to NanoWrimo

NaNoWriMo 2020

Okay, so back in 2017 for NanoWrimo I did a year of Finish It.

This year I am going to do something similar.  No new poll; I’m going to start on or about Oct 1st with 100-500 words of notes on each story I want to finish and see where I get. (That’s about 2/3 of nano, the other 1/3 being finishing this nearly-done novel set…)


Here are the links from 2016.

If you find something you a) really really feel strongly about or b) think I really oughta have on one of these lists that I don’t, feel free to suggest it. 

Finish It In November, a poll

Links for the Poll

Poll Links II

12 thoughts on “A Finish-It Follow-Up in leading up to NanoWrimo

  1. … are you saying that if we *don’t* throw more demandssuggestions at you, you’ll do a finish-it entirely on threads that are 4+ years old? Because that’s SUPER TEMPTING.

      • OF course, I looked at Arrisse and Chress (spelling?) and went I SHOULD WORK ON THAT and that… that is not going to be a short story.

        • YES PLEASE WRITE ARISSE AND CHRESS! But yeah, that’s a novel. Possibly more than one. They’ve gotten a fair pile of words and we’re still wandering around finding clothes and being introduced to palace politics. They might not get out of the city — or possibly even the palace — until book two.

          • Last night I outlined a short story – The first adventure of Arisse and Chress. I think 10K? But I need to totally rewrite the first 3000 words, too, not to change plot but because the writing made me cringe.

            Okay, so that’s 1, well, 2, Afterward(s) is 1

            16,666.66 words for Afterward(s) (16500)
            7,000 words for Rock, Hard Place.

            17,200 down, 32,800 to go.

            • Just one? You want difficult things. :} Give me a few days to reread & remember what going on and which ones were tangled together?

              You mentioned having an Aunt Family novel in your long-form story plans, and there are several possible such novels you’ve mentioned at one point or another (one early in Eva’s tenure, one about the family from an outsider’s point of view, I’m pretty sure there were more). Would any of the threads on your finish-it list provide close backstory or become part of the novel you’re pondering?

                • Ack how has it been two weeks I have not forgotten about this.
                  <runs in circles>

                  You have new menus up! Woohoo! Looks like some links still need filling in or creating, but these look easier to follow, to me.

                    • There is! Many cheers for useful guidelines that it’s easy to point to. 🙂

                      I might call the “Want More Policy” section the “Commission Policy” section (also, just plain saying one wants to see more of a story is covered in the commenting section immediately above), and add a link to the support page that gives your commission rates.

                      (The font/bold mix for headers & subheaders feels a little odd to me, but my tastes on that front are quirky at best.)

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