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I think my favorite part of this setting is the fact that we really have no idea what’s going on. 😀 ~inventrix

When Evangaline’s Aunt Asta dies, Evangaline inherits the house, its mysterious artifacts, and the family mantle of Aunt.

Meanwhile and 4 decades earlier, Asta’s Aunt Ruan is dealing with the mess left by another aunt, and struggling against taking on the Aunt title herself.

And in the present, while Evangaline deals with her Aunts’ legacy, her niece Beryl struggles with the idea that she will, in time, be the next Aunt.

“The Aunt Family” is contemporary fantasy; Ruan’s story is taking on elements of steampunk as well.

Born out of the October, 2011 Giraffe Call

Best places to start:
Heirlooms and Old Lace – Touched up on Patreon
What to do about Auntie X



Glitter Bomb, in Alder-by-Post Issue One








Ruan icon by meeks

Aunt Evangaline
Aunt Evangaline
Art by bootheel


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  1. I think Big Bad Witch and Frog Pancakes, which are filed under Rosaria, should actually be filed uner Evangaline, with the Unexpected Guest/Older Witches sequence?

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